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Our expertise

At Amos Industrie, we understand the importance of innovation and quality for the industrial sector. That’s why we’ve invested in two Design Offices, where our experts work relentless to design customized equipments for our customers’ specific needs.

  • Beaune Design Office (21): specialized in the design of viticultural solutions and equipments.
  • Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe design office (47): specialized in the design of equipment solutions for the food and wine industries, and the development of customized industrial solutions.

Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our French manufacture, guaranteeing reliable and long-lasting products.

Implantation bureaux d'études Amos Industrie

5 innovations per year

At the heart of Amos Industrie’s dynamism, our Design Office is distinguished by its passion for innovation. Committed to constantly pushing the boundaries, we thrive on creating an average of five innovations a year.

Our developments are mainly focused on the food, wine and wine-making industries. But our creative drive is not confined to these specific fields. We are masters of adaptation, able of weaving customized solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors. Our ability to fuse our customers’ vision with our technological know-how enables us to generate unique answers, perfectly tailored to each challenge.

Here’s a glimpse of our latest innovations:

Amos Industrie

broyeur Amos Industrie made in Côte d'Or

A revolution is about to take place in the vineyards, thanks to the latest tool developed by Amos Industrie. This compact, lightweight shredder “made in Beaune” is mounted on a caterpillar. It fits into any vineyard configuration, since it was developed for narrow vines, whatever the soil conditions and whatever the weather…

Amos Industrie
Case turner

The Amos Industrie case turner stands out for its innovative character, meeting key criteria such as ergonomics, production line automation and durability. By focusing on ergonomics, Amos Industrie has considered operator comfort and ease of use in addition to productivity…

écoute et collaboration client

Your need, our answer

We firmly believe that every project is unique, bringing its own challenges and opportunities. The support we offer is a synergy between your ambitions and our expertise. Beyond technical innovation, we cultivate innovation in relationships: genuine listening and transparent collaboration.

Our approach is first and foremost to forge a special bond with our customers, immersing ourselves in their vision and assimilating their specifications. That’s why we take great care to listen to and understand our customers, in order to offer the best industrial solution.