retourneur de caisses amos industrie
retourneur de caisses amos industrie

Industrial equipment is evolving rapidly, and at Amos Industrie, we’re proud to play a major role in this transformation by developing innovative solutions to make work easier for our customers and end-users. Our latest achievement, the Amos Industrie case turner, perfectly embodies our commitment to innovation, quality and ergonomics.

From the outset, we have recognized the importance of internalizing our R&D center and production site. This strategy has enabled us to create equipment that meets the specific needs of the industry while pushing back the boundaries of innovation. The Amos Industrie case turner is the latest proof of our success in this quest.

An adaptive case turner

One of the outstanding features of the Amos Industrie case turner is its adaptability. Designed to meet the diverse requirements of olive growing, viticulture, arboriculture and other industrial sectors, it can be customized to suit a variety of crate formats and sizes. This flexibility ensures that our customers have a tailor-made solution that optimizes the harvesting operations.

Integration of the Conveyor Line

The Amos Industrie case turner goes beyond simple case turning. By integrating a conveyor line, it eliminates the need for prior handling steps, thus considerably reducing labor and accident risks. This integration ensures greater fluidity in the production process and improves overall efficiency.

Flexibility and multiple options

Our customers are not all the same, and we understand that their needs vary. That’s why the Amos Industrie case turner offers many additional options, including integration with a vibratory sorting table, vibratory table and case washer. What’s more, thanks to our in-house design department, we can customize other stages of the production process, improving the fluidity of the production line.

Ergonomics and consistency

Ergonomics and consistency are at the heart of the design of the Amos Industrie case turner. By automating handling tasks, it prevents the risk of musculoskeletal disorders for operators. What’s more, it guarantees a regular flow, with an average of 360 cases turned per hour, optimizing performance and overall productivity.

Ease of use and durability

The case turner’s user-friendly interface simplifies operation, eliminating the need for specific training. What’s more, its all-stainless steel design ensures exceptional longevity and durability. Pickled, passivated and bead-blasted 304 L stainless steel resists corrosion, is compatible with the food industry and is easy to maintain.

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