Broyeur Bropop
Broyeur Bropop

BROPOP from Amos Industrie makes it possible to crush vine shoots directly in the rows using a caterpillar! Designed and manufactured in the Côte d’Or specifically for caterpillar, this shredder allows you to pass through the rows of vines when the high-clearance tractor can’t because of the slope or soil conditions.

BROPOP, the first shredder compatible with your caterpillar

Caterpillar have become indispensable in many wineries thanks to their versatility and ability to work in difficult terrain. Available in a range of crushing widths (500mm or 600mm), BROPOP can be easily interfaced to an HP500 with a HYDROPOP power pack, or to other caterpillar models.

Bropop sur chenillards
BROPOP, January 2024 - Domaine Gilles Lafouge in Auxey-Duresses (21).

BROPOP key features

  • Quick assembly and disassembly on caterpillar.
  • Compact dimensions to fit through narrow vineyards.
  • Light weight to avoid soil compaction.
  • No technical skills required for installation nor operation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Flail-mounted shredding unit, factory-installed.
  • Shredding dimension designed to stimulate soil biology.
  • Durable and robust thanks to French design and manufacture in Beaune, Côte d’Or.
Grinding by Bropop.


In addition to its advanced technical features, BROPOP is a wise investment on the time factor! 💡 In fact, did you know that a shredding operation saves an estimated 10% of time compared to burning? Source.

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