Amos Industrie au CFIA Rennes
Amos Industrie au CFIA Rennes

The long-awaited event in the food industry is fast approaching, and Amos Industrie is gearing up for the CFIA in Rennes from March 12 to 14, 2024. We’ll be in Hall 7, booth A38, to present our latest innovations dedicated to the food industry and fruit processing. Here’s an overview of the equipment on display:

IQF block splitter for frozen products

The IQF block splitter machine from Amos Industrie simplifies production processes:

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it achieves uniform results in de-coring and individualizing frozen products. What’s more, it provides an ergonomic and safe unpacking station for operators.

Vibrating sorting table for dimensional separation

The 1306 vibrating sorting table has the advantage of respecting the product being sorted, and is easy to maintain thanks to its removable cassette; offering optimum hygiene.

Because precision is key in the fruit sorting process, draining and dimensional sorting operations are carried out with ease via a 300mm loading zone at the start of the table and a 450mm draining zone.

Conv&Clean, the new-generation conveyor belt

Conv&Clean is the new-generation conveyor belt from Amos Industrie. It stands out for its productivity-enhancing ease of use, its substantial savings in power and wash water consumption, and its commitment to high standards of hygiene.

Conv&Clean, tapis élévateur

Speidel stainless steel tanks for storage and transport of food processing liquids

The quality of storage and transport of liquid food products is a crucial factor for food manufacturers. That’s why Amos Industrie offers a range of stainless steel tanks from Speidel, renowned for their reliability, hygiene and durability.

Cuves inox Speidel

Join us in Hall 7, booth A38, from March 12th to 14th! The Amos Industrie team will present these innovations and discuss how they can optimize your industrial processes.

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