Manual sorting reception

New product

This reception line corresponds to a flow rate of 3-4T / h.

It can have 4 to 6 people on the sorting table and consists of

Vibrating table TVV 1306 mm

TTM 3708 mm

3500mm Band Elevator

W7 destemmer

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This set is an automatic processing line with palox.The flow of this line is 10 T / h.Machines present:- Palox turnover- Palox washer- 3500 mm elevator belt- W7 + Trivert destemmer- 3500 mm elevator belt- Tribaie 5.20L- Inox Bins tilt 450l x2

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We worked with an architectural firm for the design of building after managing internally the engineering of the flow and process Vinicole as well as the reassignment of a part of their equipment and the supply of a complement of stainless steel vats, punching, press, ..

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This harvest reception is made from a box of 32lIt is completely automatic thanks to the help of a box turner then an elevator that convey the crates to the lower floor or a washer waiting for them.Max flow rate 6T / H

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This carpet principle is used to feed a press with a lift belt with a wide range of height adjustment with tiltable stainless steel traysAWP 30 hl wine press3500mm stacker carpet450lt tiltable stainless steel tray

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This vat contains 2500 hl of red and white wine vatsWe realized the engineering of the wine process (inflow and outflow)- stainless steel bridges- floating hats from 16 to 76hl- 2 adaptive punching lines- T ° c regulation of the ambient air as well as tanks + complete supervision- 250 extractable barrel holders (allowing the maneuvering of full barrels)

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