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Our filter is composed of two cartridges mounted in series:
- the first one of polypropylene that filters at 0,5 µm (starclear) (filter for suspended matter)
- the second one consists of active coal (eliminates chlorine, bromine,
organochlorines, organobromines).

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=> Both of them are contained in stainless steel cartridges (inert against halogens). The pipes and valves are of stainless steel with teflon gaskets, o-rings of silicone assure the tightnes of the cartridges.

This engine is not used continuously, but during any viti- or vinicultural or cleaning activity (tanks, cellar, bottles, etc.), that requires the use of mains water (danger of chlorines, precursor of cork tastes) or well water (danger of pesticides).
To assure the maximum performance, our filter is sold with a rapid control case for the rate of free chlorines, using colorimetrics, on the filter’s outlet. That permits to determine exactly the moment when the active coal cartridge, principal element of the system, is saturated (when the value
displayed > 0,1 mg/l). Thus the filter has to be replaced. The machine has to be controled at every bringing into service.
The starclear-filter has to be replaced as soon as the difference of pressure between the two manometers is superior to 1 bar.

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