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 Roll box set for individual crate size 600 x 400 mm, H = 200 to 400 mm

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• Conveyor belt at the entry, length about 1,4 m, allows a direct manual charging or a charging via accumulation

• Turning by motorized nacelle, with speed control and position control, allowing to manage the emptying of the grapes and their repartition on the sorting table

• Extraction of the crate by pneumatical pusher in returned position, direct transfer to a washing machine is possible

• Peripherical casing with access dors and inspection shafts, according to the codes of working security

• The whole machine is managed by an automatism that allows to easily adjust the turning cadence, defining
the working rhythm and the line’s flow rate

• Constructed of passivated/pickled stainless steel 304 L.

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