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Speidel's innovative "internal plunger" solves this problem once and for all. Speidel's well-tried immersion system via pneumatics is an integral part of the tank's interior, thus allowing to reduce the tank's height considerably. At a comparable total height of the tank systems 50% more capacity.

Capacity: from 3,300 liters up to 29,400 liters.

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  • Up to tank-ø 2,000 mm made of AISI 316 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R)

  • From tank-ø of 2,200 mm upwards made of AISI 316 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R) / IIIc (2B)

  • Ladder safety bow, lifting lugs


  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R), marbled outside


  • Up to tank-ø of 2,000 mm made of AISI 304 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R)

  • From tank-ø of 2,200 mm upwards made of AISI 304 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R) / IIIc (2B)

  • Free-standing on welded-on box-shaped legs


  • Filler neck NW 400, located in tank top with an upright forward position (tank top with bead extrusion for complete ventilation)

  • Flap lid with vent neck NW 50 Rd 78 x 1/6"


  • Weld-on thread NW 10 DIN 

  • Threaded sleeve with locking screw and cap nut NW 10 DIN 

  • Bi-metal dial thermo­meter ø 100 mm, measuring range - 20 °C to + 60 °C


  • Weld-on thread NW 20 DIN 

  • Sampling tap with cap nut NW 20 DIN 


  • Reinforcing plate with drilled hole ø 48 mm (to hold flap valve Gr. 37 or weld-on thread NW 50 DIN )


  • Welded-on neck NW 65 DIN 


  • Electronic control system (stainless steel control cabinet, by default arranged on the right)

  • Connection 220 V, 50 Hz

  • Immersion time and pause time steplessly variable

  • Pneumatic cylinder flange-mounted inside on the reinforced top, piston rod and immersion unit made of stainless steel

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The immersion of the marc executed by Speidel’s red wine mash plunger has been inspired by the typical manual pushing that is still practised today. Due to the low mechanic pressure the grapes are almost undamaged. This way – and despite the greatest possible extraction of the mash – a low sludge content is achieved.

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FD-MÜ is an upright standing wine fermentation with a self-rotating sprinkling system . Capacity: from 3,300 liters to 29,400 liters

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The tank is pressure flooder is a mash fermentation tank for pressureless applications with air impulse blast pipes for a gentle and smooth re-circulation. Capacity: from 3,300 liters up to 24,500 liters

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Speidel's upright mash storage tank for the storage of fruit and grape mash in between the delivery and the processing of the mash.The robust stirring device enables you to move and homogenize. A stainless steel remover with scrapers made of vulkollan ensures the automatic release. This allows the complete release of the material / content. Capacity: from...

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The horizontal edition of our red wine mash fermentation tank was especially developed for low-ceilinged cellar rooms. The slow-moving wings gently immerse the marc cake piece by piece.  Capacity: 6,800 liters up to 20,000 liters

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